Business Letter Writing Tips

There are many different types of business letter writing. However the most important thing to remember about a business letter is that it is a formal letter. It is used as a way of communicating to another person.

Business letters can be informative, motivational, persuasive, etc.

Like all letters, it is important to follow the standard letter writing format. This includes typing the letter and using a clear font, etc.

What makes business letter writing different?

The most notable difference for business letter writing is that your audience is expecting professionalism. If you are writing a simple letter to a friend, the style of your writing is a lot different. The same thing goes for an individual who is writing to a company. Although it is important for your letter writing format to be correct, many people expect companies to write letters at a higher level.

To say the least, any type of letter you write should be free from typos, misspellings and incorrect grammar. Make sure all of your sentences are complete and take time to re-read your letter before sending it out. Especially if you are writing a cover letter, complaint or a request letter, you want to be taken serious. You do not want your reader to be distracted by the format of your letter.

Writing a Business Letter:

There are three necessary parts you should include.

  • Introduction: This is where you tell your reader why you are writing. If you are writing to apply for a job, complaint, request, etc. This is where you state your purpose specifically.
  • Body paragraphs: Here you tell the reader what you would like to see happen. This is the extremely important part of the letter. Tell them why you should be hired, why you are upset that there are no speed bumps on your street, or what ever the issue is.
  • Conclusion: This is your final paragraph where you provide what you would like to see happen in the future. The plan of action. This can be your chance to request a follow up conversation, etc. It is vital that you explain to your reader what the next step should be.

(Please note: Since there are so many different types of letters, the length of your letter depends on the subject matter)

Business Letter Writing Tips

  • Use the basic letter writing format. Here is an example.
  • Proof read your document. Check for spelling, typing errors, etc.
  • Make sure your letter is organized.
  • Should not be over two pages. People are busy and you want to make sure that they are not thrown off by the length of your letter.
  • If you are sending your letter through e-mail, make sure you click here to learn more about sending professional emails.

Check out a sample letter here. For more help on writing a business letter, refer to my letter writing format page.

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