Educational site

by Shireen oqdeh
(spring valley CA)

It is amazing site!! As soon as I knew about the site,I was glad to find what I was looking for in many sites in one site,so I right the way signed in,and be a subscriber to get a newsletters.It was a very good that you mentioned your site is free of unwanetd or spam emails.In other words,your site is secure.It was very nice of you to give us 'Beware' as a thanks.
The site was very helpful and easy to nevigate to get the information we need,and it used a simple language to understand as a second language learners.
The strategies of organizing our writing thoughts benifit me a lot by helping me in my final writing in my collage.In addition,it was a smart way to lay down ideas to gain income and jobs through our writing as editor specially the list of online writing jobs that have been automatically updated which helps us to find a secure jobs.
The most immprtant thing I learned from you is do not give up and do what i enjoy to do to be a creative like you..
Thank you Teacher Krystle.

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