Grammar Practice Test

Grammar is one of the many things that writers of all different skill levels struggle with. This grammar practice test will evaluate your ability to write complete sentences, commas, verb-subject agreement as well as many other common grammar mistakes that writers struggle with.

If you want to review some common grammar mistakes, click here. Practicing good grammar in your writing is a skill, so test your skills now!

Many professional writers struggle with grammar all the time. We all make mistakes when writing. However it is important to recognize the mistakes that you make in order for you to learn from them.

The grammar practice test below, (which can also be used as worksheet in your classes) is a great way to start recognizing those mistakes.

Please note that the grammar practice problems below are advanced. Feel free to dive right into the exercises if you wish. However if you feel you may want a less advanced worksheet to practice first, click here for some English grammar exercises that you may find easier.

Before you start:

Grab a piece of paper, number it 1-76 and write down the letter that corresponds for each answer. Please note that this is Part One of the grammar test. When you are done with this grammar practice test, scroll to the bottom for the answers and for Part Two.

You may find that you need to review some grammar lessons in order to answer or understand the questions below. Click here to review some English grammar lessons before you start.

    Circle the correct word.

  1. Michelle wondered __________ (weather, whether) she should tell her boyfriend that she was four-weeks pregnant.
  2. Sara is opposed to lying in ___________ (principal, principle), but she occasionally indulges in a white lie.
  3. Kim hopes to _____ (wear, where) a white wedding gown.
  4. Anthony knew all _____ (to, too) well that he shouldn’t have eaten the last piece of cake.
  5. Kimberly _______ (all ready, already) packed her suitcase even though her trip to Europe is not for another two weeks.
  6. __________ (Accept, Except) for Tim, everyone in Ms. Smith’s seventh-grade homeroom class owned a cell phone.
  7. Standing ________ (beside, besides) Marcia at the commencement ceremony was her mother Mildred, who was also graduating with a bachelor’s degree.
  8. My Toyota Yaris is parked ______(among, between) two full-sized trucks.
  9. Richard told his son, “ _____(your, you’re) young, but when you get older, you’ll understand.”
  10. Do you think that ______ (their, they’re)flight will be delayed again?
  11. The security officer wondered______(whose, who’s) cell phone and keys were left in the restroom.
  12. The school is renovated _____ (its, it’s) classrooms, so lectures are being held in the courtyard.
  13. As the saying goes, “_______ (Its, It’s) hard to say goodbye.”

  14. Directions: Identify the subjects of the following sentences

  15. My mom worries that my younger sister Ella has dyslexia.
    A. Mom
    B. Sister
    C. Ella
    D. Dyslexia
  16. Daniel forgot to turn off his cell phone during biology class.
    A. Daniel
    B. Cell Phone
    C. Biology
    D. Class
  17. I promised Miguel that his DVDs would be returned to the rental store by midnight.
    A. I
    B. Miguel
    C. DVDs
    D. Rental store

    If you struggled to find the subjects in the questions above, click here for information on how to write a sentence.

  18. Directions: Identify the verbs of the following sentences. Be sure to include all parts of the verb.

  19. The roses in my garden only bloomed for a few days this summer.
    A. Roses
    B. In my garden
    C. Only
    D. Bloomed
  20. I am usually honest when chatting online.

    A. I
    B. Am
    C. Honest
    D. When chatting online

  21. The defendant became uncomfortable during the cross-examination.

    A. Defendant
    B. Became
    C. uncomfortable
    D. cross-examination

  22. If you struggled to find the verbs in the questions above, click here for information on how to write a sentence.

    Directions: In each of the following sentences, the subjects are correctly underlined. Decide if this is True or False.

  23. Jocelyn and I will apply to nursing schools once we complete our prerequisites.

    A. True
    B. False

  24. Espresso, steamed milk, and chocolate are used to create a Mocha coffee.

    A. True
    B. False

  25. The rising price of gasoline places a burden on most automobile owners.

    A. True
    B. False

  26. Directions: In each of the following sentences, the verbs are correctly underlined. Decide if this is True or False.

  27. Hundreds of people were already lined up to buy concert tickets when we arrived.

    A. True
    B. False

  28. Samantha and Michael planned ahead and followed a budget but still barrowed money for their wedding.

    A. True
    B. False

  29. I must have eaten at least twenty pieces of sushi at the all-you-can-eat-buffet.

    A. True
    B. False

  30. If you struggled with the questions above, click here to learn more about verb-subject agreement.

    Directions: Identify the fragment in each selection. If the selection contains no fragment, select “correct.”

  31. A. I am concerned about Tyler. B. He is ashamed to talk about his family. C. Because he feels responsible for his parents’ divorce.

    A. A
    B. B
    C. C
    D. Correct

  32. A. Speed bumps were installed on our streets. B. After the hit-and-run accident. C. Everyone agreed that speeding is a problem in our neighborhood.

    A. A
    B. B
    C. C
    D. Correct

  33. A. Before I leave for my trip to Africa. B. I need to pay next month’s rent, fill my prescriptions, and put my mail on hold. C. I also need to ask Joey to water my plants.

    A. A
    B. B
    C. C
    D. Correct

  34. A. Cheryl spent the entire weekend at the office. B. Catching up on paperwork, returning email messages, and analyzing budget reports. C. She said that she was extremely productive.

    A. A
    B. B
    C. C
    D. Correct

  35. Congratulations, you made through the first half of the grammar practice test. How did you do? Contact me and let me know. What other types of questions do you want to be tested on? Were some questions confusing? Let me know! I am always looking for ways to improve my grammar practice exercises and tests.  

    Have you attempted to answer each question? If so, click here to see if your answers are correct. Please note that the answer sheet contains all 76 answers, so you may not want to view it until after you complete the rest of the test.

    To attempt questions 30-76,

    please click here for even more English exercises that will test your grammar skills.

    Don’t worry if you got a few wrong. Some of these questions were tough! However in order to improve your writing, you need to use correct grammar in your writing. Click here to learn/review some English grammar lessons to help you improve your answers next time.

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