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Contact Me Directly

Need some one-on-one help? Have a question that you need answered fast? Contact me directly. I am always happy to help you improve as a writer!

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Understanding Adjective Clauses

Adjective clauses are useful in providing additional information to your readers. They are easy to learn and can turn your simple sentence into more profound and meaningful sentences.

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Best Website

this website really helped me to understand the content and find the most important key ideas. It was also a great tool when reviewing for exams because

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Useful Website

I think this website is very useful and convenient especially for those who want to learn English and be a good writer’s .I found a lot of information

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Helpful Website

I like this Website because it has a lot of information which help me to improve my writing and grammar. Thank you very much for your great Website.I found

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Guide to Grammar and Writing

Writing-Savvy is your guide to grammar and writing.What does it take to become a great writer? With so much misleading information, it's hard to tell; unless you learn the facts!

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Writing ideas

Looking for ways to get your writing ideas down on paper, here is a list of the best organizing strategies. These strategies help make the writing process that much more easier!

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Guide for Works Cited Page

Everytime you use the words or thoughts of others you must cite your sources. Learn how to create a works cited page that is flawless.

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How To Write An Essay Effectively

Learning how to write an essay may seem fustrating at first. However, it does not have to be that way. By following a few common steps, you can write an essay in no time.

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Grammar Practice

Need some grammar practice? Test your grammar with these sample exercises. See if you practice good grammar in your papers or if you need a few lessons to help improve your writing.

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Better Writing Tips eBook

This guide provides tips and strategies for all aspects of writing from creative writing to report writing. Get proven tips that anyone can implement without taking an expensive writing course.

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My eBooks

My ebooks include authoritive yet understandable tips on how small changes can drastically improve your writing and grammar.

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The Savvy Shop

If you would like to support writing savvy and make a fashion statement at the same time, then The Savvy Shop is where you want to be.

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Tips on Writing A Resume

Need help writing a resume? Check out the Top 20 Tips on Writing A Resume for all the advice you need to get your resume ready for your job search.

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web hosting tips

Learn some valuable web hosting tips and the top web hosting companies you should use for your website!

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