How to Brainstorm and Organize Your Ideas

Do you always have writers block? If so, try brainstorming!

If you do not know how to brainstorm, don't freak out! Relax!

Brainstorming is actually one of the easiest prewriting activities for writers.

All you need to start is a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. Got everything? Let's start!

  1. Begin by writing you paper's topic down. If you are still trying to sort out which topic to choose from, write a few topics down on seperate sheets of paper.
  2. Under your topic (or multiple topics), write down everything that comes to mind. Do not hold anything back. If it seems like a dumb thing to write down, write it down anyway Don't stop writing until you are completely out of ideas.
  3. For example, let's pretend you have to write a paper on "abolishing abortion". Below are some possible ideas someone may choose to write down.

    -death of a fetus


    -abortion as a method of birth control

    -abortion ads

    -government involvement

    -religious groups

  4. Now that you have a list, review it. If you are dealing with more than one list for different topics, try to narrow down your topic by the amount of information you can produce. Did one of your lists have more ideas? If so, you may decide that that topic is best.
  5. Once you have your list, make sure your ideas are truly on topic. In the example above, the last idea religious groups might stray me away from my topic. Cut anything from the list that may be off topic or that can potentially lead you off topic. Only you can decide if an idea will lead you off topic since you have been given the topic to write about.
  6. Organize the remaining points. You may decide to start with the first idea death of a fetus since it embodies a central feeling about abortions.
  7. Next, try to really arrange the remaining items on your list. See if you can group any ideas together or if they must stand alone. During this process, you may think of more ideas. Never stop writing down more ideas as they come to you.
  8. Now that you know how to brainstorm, you are ready to start your paper or at least begin your introduction.
  9. Click here for help on how to write an introduction.

Remember if you do not like this type of prewriting activity, there are many others you can try. Click here to see more ways to organize your writing ideas.

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