How to Register a Domain Name

Want to know how to register a domain? If so, you've made a wise decision by coming to this page.

Whether you are a person who loves writing blogs or simply want to create a website, having a domain is essential to growing your business and reaching a larger audience. I'm going to clue you in on some tips that most people don't pay attention to prior to registering a domain name.

NOTE: If you already know how to register a domain and don't need any extra advice, go here to get your domain or click here to learn about web hosting options.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the home of your website. It is a personalized name that you create. This is one of the huge benefits of having a website versus writing blogs. Blogs do not have customizable URL's. Domain names ends with an extension like .com, .net, .org, .info, .us, .biz, .tv, and so many more. There are numerous extensions available, but still .com is the most popular.

Once you have registered your domain, you will select a web host (2nd step). The web host is the meat of any website because this is where you create and publish your pages, blogs, create email address, add functionality and maintain your site.

How to Register a Domain Name?

Fortunately, reserving a domain name is easy and very cost friendly. Some big name companies like and charge ridiculous prices such as $35 a year for one domain name, yet you can get the same service at for much cheaper!

In the end, where you register your domain does not matter. Almost every registrar provides the same services.

BUT, and this is a huge "but," you can save a bundle at, and you'll have access to free domain forwarding. What does that mean? It means you can forward any domain you purchase to any site for FREE!

Helpful Tips on How to Register a Domain

Many people wonder if a domain name should be brandable or whether it should contain keywords. Let me give you a huge tip on how to register a domain- I recommend doing both. If it is not possible, always try to pick a name that is brandable.

Years ago it was a must; now it is not quite the necessity.

Many people tend to go with short term brandable domains because they are easier to remember. So, instead of registering a keyword-rich name like, a person may choose to go with Although zingo is a made-up word, it keeps the name short, brandable and easy to remember.

Make sure you take some time and really think about a name you like. Try writing it a few times to see how it might look on business cards and other printed materials. Don't be afraid to ask your family and friends what they think about the name.

Once you have made a decision, make sure you protect your brand and register common extensions. If you are registering a .com domain for example, be sure to get the .net, and .org to protect your brand. You don't want someone else buying a version of your domain.

Buying domains are pretty cheap at, so be sure to snatch up as many as you can.


  • Top notch support available. If you should ever have a question, phone support is available 24 hours, 7 days a week as The Savvy Websites. You may be new to creating a site, but the great thing is that if you ever get stuck, phone support is available around the clock.
  • Domain forwarding is free! As mentioned, you will receive a free domain forwarding account with every domain name you purchase. This comes very handy if you want to register multiple extensions like .com, .net, .org, etc. Now you can forward any of these extensions to your main website. Domain forward use to be $16.99 per year, but for a limited time is offering it for free!
  • Free blog
  • Free starter page
  • Free parked/for sale page
  • Free domain locking
  • Free domain status alerts

It's Time to Register Your Domain...

Now that you know how to register a domain, get your domain here, but before you leave this tutorial page you may want to read about the 2nd step in creating a website, which is selecting a web host (recommended). You cannot build your pages until you have a web host.

However, if you want to reserve your domain(s) now and come back to read about step 2 later, go to now and search the database to see if your domain choice is available.

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