Learn How To Write An Essay Effectively

Are you stressed and need to learn how to write an essay? Well, worry no more!

In college and in other different avenues you may be asked to write an essay.

An essay is simply a literary piece of work that you create which expresses a certain idea and is backed up by supporting statements.

Here are some things to remember so you will know how to write an essay:

  • The basic structure for essay are the same: Every essay will have an introduction [multiple body paragraphs], and a [conclusion].
  • There are many different [types of essays], but each serves a purpose of clearly articulating your ideas.
  • If you are not given a topic, or even if you are, explore your ideas by trying some pre-writing activities.

How to write an essay?

  1. Start by exploring your writing ideas (as mentioned above). By participating in pre-writing activities you will allow your brain to really dig deep and develop a sense of structure to your paper. This step will also help you decide on a topic, if it hasn’t already been assigned to you.
  2. Write your introduction. Click here for a guide on how to write an introduction. Introductions are the first part of your essay readers read. Make it stand out. A key element to your introduction is making sure you have a great thesis that truly hooks your readers. If you are not sure how to write a thesis, be sure to click here.
  3. By having these essential elements in your introduction, you will be bring structure and clarity to your readers.

  4. Begin writing body paragraphs.Take your brainstormed ideas from your pre-writing activities and expand them into a few body paragraphs. Not sure how to write effective body paragraphs? Click here for a guide on how to write a paragraph effectively. Your body paragraphs are the meat and cheese of your sandwich and you want to make sure that it tastes good. :)
  5. Bring your paper to a close.Now that you have your introduction and body paragraphs, it is time to seal the deal. That’s right; it is time for your conclusion. For some, writing the conclusion of a paper can be the most difficult part. And, did you know that your conclusion is arguably the most important paragraph? It is your lasting impression on your readers. Click here to learn how to write a conclusion and make a great last impression on your readers.

Now you have your first draft.

What people forget is that this is ONLY A DRAFT. You must edit and take time to truly proof read your work. This is one of the most important part of writing an essay that people overlook. I cannot tell you how many times I have had students turn in papers to me that have simple grammatical errors and spelling mistakes that they would have clearly caught if they took the time to re-read their papers.

Still having trouble on figuring out how to write an essay or need help editing your paper?

Contact me and I will be happy to help you improve your next draft.

The following pages below provides useful information that can help you improve your paper:

  • How to write a sentence: Think you already know how to write a sentence? You got the whole verb-subject-agreement thing down? Then why do you keep getting “FRAG” or “AWK” on your papers? This page shows you how you can make sure each sentence is effective in your essay. It can’t hurt to check it out, right?
  • How to write well: After any draft you will want to be sure that your tone and language is correct. Did you stay on task? This page will give you the check list that you need after writing your first draft and tips on how you can improve your skills as a writer overall.
  • Transition sentences: So you have a few body paragraphs but they jump around from one idea to the next don’t they? Make your paragraphs flow from one to the next. Without transitions, your readers are lost and teachers grade heavily on these sentences.

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