Web Hosting Tips

Congratulations! You have made it to the 2nd step to create a website! Before we jump into some of the web hosting tips I have for you, make sure that you have read step 1 on how to register a domain.

After you have registered your domain name, you're ready to choose a web host.

A web host basically provides you with the space, tools and necessary support to create the pages to your website. It also helps you manage your email accounts (yourname@yourdomain.com).

Below I have outlined some web hosting tips on three great hosting companies. Any of the companies below are highly recommend.


If you host your site through The Savvy Websites, you will be able to create a static website like this one. You will also receive the help and support that you may want to help you get going on your site.

The Savvy Websites has two kinds of hosting plans: regular and Website Tonight.

The regular plan is the most common option to choose. With this hosting, you can install WordPress (blogging), set up a forum and all kinds of free scripts and applications that come with this plan.

If you choose Website Tonight, you will have access to a template builder. For this option no software is needed. You can choose from hundreds of templates, add your text, images, videos, etc and then you will be ready to go. Although this option is easy and fast, I recommend it for business websites or blogging. It's best for simple sites that will have mostly text and pictures.

Powweb Hosting

Poweeb hosting is a privately owned company that has been providing top-notch web hosting since 1999. It is a great company.

They have an easy website builder available. This is similar to Website Tonight plans (above) where you can choose layouts that are pre-created, which allow you to create a website in minutes. No programming is necessary.

This hosting plan also comes with a built-in shopping cart in case you want to take orders on your site. You don't even have to install anything! This is ideal if you plan to sell products. Hassle free and convenient.

There are also advanced features! This hosting option provides the platform so you can add features such as chat rooms, message boards and other interactive features.

When you visit the site, you will notice that they have tons of statisfied customers. The site displays over 100 testimonials that prove they are worth the time and investment. Many of these customers offer great web hosting tips that you should read!

How to sign up: When you register your domain name at The Savvy Websites.com, don't select a host (if you choose this option) only order the domain. Once you are finished with the registration process, head over to Powweb's site and sign up for their hosting services.

All-in-One Hosting Option: Site Build It

This option is the ideal host if you want to make money with your website. If you choose this option, you do not need to register a domain name separately because it is included with the price.


If you choose Site Build It!, you do not need to go to TheSavvyWebsites.com to buy a domain name, choose hosting or by any software. Site Build It! does it all.

All the tools you need to build your site are in this one place. This includes domain names, hosting, web page building tools, marketing help, search engine submission, ranking reports, web hosting tips and so much more!

SBI! uses a block builder template so no HTML knowledge is necessary, but you can still use HTML codes if you prefer.

You definitely can use TheSavvyWebsites.com or Powwebs hosting for money-making websites, but you will not get the marketing and search engine help that they provide. You will definitely want and need this.

I would never say you must get something, but if you want to get the best website experience, SBI! is the best system I know. Many people choose the less expensive route and end up going back to SBI!

SBI! cost more than the other hosts listed here ($30 a month), but it will definitely help you with understanding your traffic and getting the result you want. They also offer individuals help with building there pages for them. Click here to learn more.

Please note that you can use any of the hosts listed here to build a great money making website. You just won't get the help that I believe you may need when learning how to rank high in search engines. Site Build It's main focus is helping you earn money. To sign up for SBI!, click here.

I hope that these web hosting tips have been helpful for you. There is no right or wrong way to go. It all depends on your needs. If you have an additional question on any of the hosting companies I listed above, please contact me. I will be happy to provide you with some additional web hosting tips or information on how to register a domain if have not yet done so.

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